Pemerintah India Tolak Layanan Google Street View

Google Street View service, which is part of the Google Maps feature will be considered further facilitate some circles who want to know the area or roads that will be passed. However, for the Indian government, the service is considered quite dangerous.

As a result, Google wants to do the shooting to bring the Google Street View service in the country that Bollywood was immediately rejected by the Ministry of Home Affairs of India. The Indian government considers that such services can pose a serious security threat.

Based on the news that we adapted from Neowin, denial of service Google Street View by the Indian government triggered by the occurrence of terrorist attacks in the Indian air base in early January. The perpetrators of the attack is alleged to have use Google Maps to determine the layout of the terrain.

For the incident, the Indian government seems to start securing. So it is not only the licensing proposal Google Street View are rejected, several other similar services also reportedly helped rejected, ranging from Microsoft, Apple, Uber and Here Maps.

Step rejection by the government of India to the Google Street View service may be regarded as an appropriate step. Even the Indian government also thinks that the services are considered to have crossed the line, especially in providing a visual environment or buildings that might be exploited by the perpetrators of the crime.